About Being My Model
Balloon Dash
Balloon Dash 2
Beach Crawl
Binary Series (Yellow/Grey)
Brushing teeth
Can One Sit so Low
Carry a Person to Another Place
Das grüne Ohr
Ekphrasis 2
Differently than a toothbrush
Falling Event
Drip Music
Fill With Own Imagination
Find Five Errors
Flux Harpsichord Concert
Forest Event
Hullut Päivät – Crazy Days
I Am >, I Am <
Ich male einfach was ich sehe
Improvise with paper
In the Sky Unlike a Bird
John Cage's Words Out of Joseph Beuys' hat
Lamp Event
Lean on elbow
Lighting piece
Look intensely at somebody's hand
Love Poem Machine
Love Poem Machine
Orange Event
Passing Music for a Tree 1
Passing Music for a Tree 2
Passing Music for a Tree 3
Performance Is Cancelled Due To Illness
Prepare coffee using a metronome
Regardez moi ça suffit
Three Dances: Hand-Shaking
Three Dances: Salting
Three Dances: Not Two
Viking (People ask why, I ask why not)
Wind Music
Yellow Ball
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